What is this?

A Brick Hill legacy server written from the ground up in Node.js.

What does this do?

It allows you to host Brick Hill servers efficiently, and headlessly (VPS hosting, etc). It comes with a fully-packed scripting API that lets you do things the legacy server normally couldn't do.

It can load .brk files to the client extremely fast, but at the same time being memory and CPU efficient. Allowing for long-term 24/7 hour hosting.

What does this NOT do?

This does not provide any additional functionality to the legacy client.

ie. The client will not gain any FPS improvements.


  1. Download Node.js 8 or above at

  2. Download and extract the template here.

  3. Open the extracted folder in the file explorer, and in the top bar type "cmd" and press enter.

  4. In the terminal, run the following command: npm i node-hill@latest.

    • This will install the needed dependencies that are required for node-hill to function.
    • If the directory has no package.json present, you should create one with npm init -y.
  5. Edit the start.js file to fill in your appropriate server information.
    You will need to add your host key for the set you want to host. This can be found under the set's settings page.

  6. Finally, start your server by launching launch_server.bat or by running node ./start.js.

Additional information

You must port forward if you want other players to be able to play your game. The recommended port for Brick Hill is: 42480.

You are able to bundle your map/scripts into a single .bbrk file by launching your server with the --bundle option.

For example: node .\start.js --bundle

For more information on bundling check out nh-bundle.


Can be found here: